Amber Cove to Amanera resort

The drive from Amber Cove to the Amanera resort at Playa Grande takes about 2 hours or less.

The information below also applies to transfers from Amber Cove to Cabrera or Rio San Juan. 

To get from  Amber Cove to Amanera or vice-versa you have the following options:

Amber Cove to Amanera private transfer

The most reliable option because we operate our own vans and buses 24/7/365, come rain or shine. After leaving Amber Cove cruise terminal, you head east along the coast.

A comfortable coach for a larger group to get from Amber Cove to Amanera
Larger buses for larger groups
Most of our passengers on the route from Amber Cove to Amanera ride is our 6-seater vans
Archive photo of Cocotours 6-passenger van

Amber Cove to Amanera by luxury SUV

On this route we offer the option to upgrade to a premium SUV such as a late-model Chevolet Suburban, Cadillac Escalade or a Mercedes.

Amber Cove to Amanera by plane

Not practical as the closest airport to the Amanera and Playa Grande resort is the Samaná El Catey airport which is one hour's drive to the east.