Amber Cove to Amanera resort

The drive from Amber Cove to the Amanera resort at Playa Grande takes about 2 hours or less.

The information below also applies to transfers from Amber Cove to Cabrera or Rio San Juan. 

To get from  Amber Cove to Amanera or vice-versa you have the following options:

Amber Cove to Amanera private transfer

The most reliable option because we operate our own vans and buses 24/7/365, come rain or shine. After leaving Amber Cove cruise terminal, you head east along the coast.

A comfortable coach for a larger group to get from Amber Cove to Amanera
Larger buses for larger groups
Most of our passengers on the route from Amber Cove to Amanera ride is our 6-seater vans
Archive photo of Cocotours 6-passenger van

Amber Cove to Amanera by luxury SUV

On this route we offer the option to upgrade to a premium SUV such as a late-model Chevolet Suburban, Cadillac Escalade or a Mercedes.


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