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How to get from Santiago to Boca Chica 

Getting from Santiago to Boca Chica with Cocotours couldn't be easier! 

Our Santiago airport transfers run 24/7/365, and we operate come rain or shine, so if you have a booking with Cocotours, our Santiago airport greeter and our airconditioned Dominican transfer vans and buses with uniformed drivers will be waiting for you.

With Boca Chica located just over 2 hours' drive from Santiago airport, Cocotours can offer several convenient transfer options:

Shared transfer from Santiago to Boca Chica

Not currently available with Cocotours.

Private transfer from Santiago to Boca Chica

Our private transfers from Santiago to Boca Chica get you right out of the airport the minute you get into our transfer van or bus, no need to wait for other passengers, get to your resort sooner, to enjoy the pool and the beach faster!

Luxury transfer from Santiago to Boca Chica

On this route we offer the option to upgrade to a premium SUV such as a late-model Chevolet Suburban, Cadillac Escalade or a Mercedes.

The Boca Chica routes we commonly get asked for are:
  • Santiago to Be Live Hamaca Beach
  • Santiago to Be Live Hamaca Garden
  • Santiago to Bella Rimini
  • Santiago to Bellevue Dominican Bay
  • Santiago to Don Juan Beach Resort
  • Santiago to Garant hotel

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