Dominican Certification Service

Whether you are a private individual, an insurance company, or an investigations agency, Cocotours can help you obtain extracts of your Dominican marriage certificate (also known as Dominican wedding certificate), Dominican birth certificate,Dominican death certificate, and all other types of Dominican public documents.

So wherever you were married in the Dominican Republic, and you now require an original extract of your marriage certificate, or if you'd like us to have your existing documentation legalized with an apostille from the Dominican Foreign Ministry, with our extensive coverage of the country through our tourism activities, Cocotours can help you.

If a family member or friend died in the Dominican Republic, Cocotours can obtain a copy of the Dominican death certificate..

Just complete the form on this page, and we'll get in touch with a quotation for what you require:

Our enquiries mainly come in 4 different forms:

  1. From non-Dominicans (mainly Brits, Canadians and Americans) who married in the Dominican Republic, mainly in Playa Dorada and Punta Cana in the Nineties and the Noughties, who have mislaid their Dominican marriage certificate and now require a copy.

  2. From Dominicans now living overseas (principally in the United States) who require a copy of their own birth certificate or their parents' or grandparents' marriage certificate or death certificate.

  3. From lawyers representing any of the above.

  4. From insurance companies or investigations agencies asking us to conduct investigations for them.


The fastest and simplest way to check out our prices and availability, is to go to our real-time online booking engine. You should only fill out the form below if our online booking engine is down, or where you cannot obtain a quotation for whatever reason.